XR Step-by-Step 2023! Hololens 2: Installing the Tools you need! Unity 2022 + MRTK 2.8.3 + Visual Studio 2022

Virtual and Augmented Reality together are now referred to as XR or “Extended-Reality”. You’re in the right place at the right time to build something amazing in XR! XR applications can be created in Unity for many devices, our focus…

XR Step-by-Step: Low Latency Hololens Streaming (<1s)

Most of us stream the Mixed Reality Capture view from our Hololens by going to the IP address of our Hololens in a browser. This works great – EXCEPT – there’s a very noticeable 3+ second delay. I always figured that that was just the delay we’d have to live with – but after all these years of working with the Hololens just found out that there IS a better way! And wanted to share with all my XR peeps 🙂